Wednesday, 29 April 2015

This book!

Seriously, this book is the best "bug" themed childrens' book I've come across in the last two years. Not only are the illustrations gorgeous, but the book is actually informative, and a little humorous at times. After checking the first few entries, The Icky Bug Alphabet Board Book made the cut and came home with us from the library.

And then we started reading it. Well, first time through, Jimmy wasn't impressed, so I stopped somewhere before F. It is on the wordy side for a board book, especially as it doesn't rely on rhymes to keep the audience's attention. Michael had better luck that evening, and discovered some of the funnier entries.

A few days later I was checking the copyright information, and found this:
Although the general public considers every creature in this book a bug, in fact only the Yellow Plant Bug and the Cotton Stainer are true bugs. The Velvet Mite and the Scorpion are arachnids. The Orb Weaver, Water Spider, and Tarantula are spiders, a specific type of arachnid. The rest, including the true bugs, are insects.
This insect ecologist is incredibly happy with this book, and this book is now on the "to buy" list of things for our home, when we are done moving around and have funds. We may not get the board book edition, but The Icky Bug Alphabet Board Book is an excellent find and will always be welcome in our home.

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